WordPress Content Options

My opinion of WordPress Content Options

Being a new blogger, I find myself experimenting too long with too many options. I prefer the minimalist approach myself. This definitely catches my eye, but I get my best ideas by simply visiting other blogs.

Have good advice or thoughts about Content Options? Please leave me a comment. Thanks! ~ Eric

Content Options takes care of small visual changes like showing or hiding the author, date, and more!

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Blogs You Should Follow

Best Blogging Advice Yet

Good day all! I want to quickly share and comment about a great blog I just came across. She offers stellar advice and experience in an easy-to-read format. I’m sure even veteran bloggers can glean a tip or two from her wisdom.

Honored To Know This Girl Named Alexis

As a new blogger myself, I’m honored to have her in my network. Expect me to share much more from her in the future. Right now I need to get back to reading some posts of hers that caught my eye!

Thank you Alexis!

10 Tips for New Bloggers – http://wp.me/p6u7QD-3qu