Event Scenic Productions

Eric Hutchison, Technical Specialist


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Corporate Event Scenic Gig
Hilton Inn – Orlando, FL

A good sized show; the panoramic image came out decent so I may as well use it. As a Lead Scenic Installer at SGA Productions in Orlando, I assisted in the fabrication and installation of the following elements or the show:

  • “wrapped” geometric video maps
  • 20′ vinyl banners
  • geometric MDF stage
  • ALTO seating risers
  • stadium seating
  • pipe and drape
  • custom skirting

We hung dozens more banners and foamboard graphics around the entire ballroom, and in the grand foyer for several additional vendors. The entire seating area was aesthetically wrapped in Spandex to hide the seating structure and Duvetyne for light-blocking.


hilton beforePhoto: Eric Hutchison


IMG_4132Photo: Eric Hutchison

Skills used:

  1. Carpentry
  2. Fabrication
  3. Scenic Installation
  4. Truck driving
Equipment & tools used:

  1. Scissor lift
  2. Manual hand tools
  3. Power hand tools
  4. Dock lift
  5. 26′ Truck