Now Some Good News

Update on Sharanda Jones

This news is a few months old but I received an email update from about the progress of Sharanda Jones, and I think it’s worth sharing.

I, too, was convicted for a non-violent drug offense when I was a teenager. But my being a white kid in a small Midwest town, and having access to a good lawyer helped me. Yes, white privilege. It’s a real thing. I cringe at the thought of spending my life in prison for what is increasingly agreed to be a neurological-not criminal-issue.

What Is Next For Drug Law Reform?

I give President Obama some credit, but it shouldn’t take a petition-which I eagerly signed in good faith-to do what’s right. He should take this cue to reform America’s drug laws. Now. As a new blogger, I am considering drug law reform advocacy as an aspect of my blog.

I guess it just became just that.

What Am I Asking You To Do?

I am asking you directly to help Sharanda start a new life. Take five minutes now while it is fresh in your mind, or at least share her story. I don’t have anything invested in her other than I am grateful I am not in her shoes. There is no guarantee she won’t go back to prison-too many who are institutionalized can’t cope with “life on the outside”-although the rates are lower for women like Sharanda.

Please leave any comment on your opinion of this matter. This affects you either way.