HootSuite For SMS Messaging

I love productivity apps, as long as the learning curve doesn’t make me unproductive.

Quit Fumbling For Keys & Say “Good Buy” To Auto Correct

I came across this handy Chrome extension. It’s like HootSuite for SMS. Maybe even better-I’m not real fond of the HootSuite mobile app-kinda limited in my view.

Of course there’s a free version and a Pro upgrade. If you’re like me, voice-t0-text doesn’t solve the problem of fumbling for the right keys. And auto correct is just diabolical sometimes.

It may not be much different than any notification app (remember Outlook?) but simply sync your phone to your PC and wah-la!

No More To-Do Lists For Your To-Do Lists

I see this helping me stay productive by sending myself to-d0 lists, random thoughts, etc. that I can check later when I’m not around my PC. By the same token, I can text myself reminders when I log on to my PC.

You can also monitor your phone’s battery level from your PC, text PC screenshots, scheduling, but the coolest feature I’ve seen so far is the power view, where you can view multiple text streams at once.

Just like HootSuite.




Remote Control

My newest blog feature highlights my efforts to seek gainful Work-At-Home (WAH) employment, regular updates to my progress, and a few surprises.

My Work-At-Home Status

I’m not an expert blogger. I’ve worked remotely in limited capacities. For instance, I helped re-design www.thomascreed.com way back in 2004. I’ve worked from home on several occasions, but never officially working remotely. I believe I have most of the tools and skills to do so successfully. I:

  • Love to learn and share information.
  • Have been around content creation and entrepreneurship my whole life.
  • Write well, honing my skills while earning my engineering-related degree.
  • Realize the demand and somewhat understand the industry.
  • Have the desire and will to become an expert digital content creator.

Defining My WAH Strategy

I appreciate the WordPress community and all the resources available to expand my portfolio and aid me in my search. I especially cherish my 10 WP followers. The amount of information available is overwhelming to me as a new blogger. Until I build a following, I need a paycheck.

I scour the Net daily for entry-level and assistant writing and content creation positions, preferably remotely. However, my skills are admittedly lacking. And with no real recent experience, my job search bears little fruit.

I know it takes time, but how do I really sink my teeth into this career?

An “A-ha!” Moment

Everyone needs those “A-ha!” moments to galvanize their comprehension of a subject. It always helps me anyway. Sometimes I just need somebody to demonstrate the ideas bouncing around in my head. Sometimes I come across a basic piece of information, and it just clicks. It happened the other day, and I have to share it.


As I am reading the job description for a digital marketer (not a remote position) a phrase jumps off the page at me: Must be Google certified. I realize there are classes, workshops, and certifications available to aspiring content creators, but this is the first I am hearing of a Google certification. Empirical wisdom is that Google is the “go-to” resource for effectively identifying, defining, and reaching a given market. If I want any job remotely (pun intended) close to what I’m looking for, much less for my own benefit of self promotion, I must become Google certified.

Google Partners

A quick search of Google certifications yields a link to the AdWords certification through Google Partners as the top result. “Eureka!” I exclaim, realizing an AdWords certification will surely benefit me one way or another in my quest to succeed as an online content creator. “How much will this cost me?” I wonder. Fortunately for me, the leaders of Google are firm believers in partnerships and providing resources to improve those partnerships. A Google certification is their “loss leader,” a resource they provide free of cost, knowing the end result is that certified content creators must utilize Google’s many advertising networks, specifically Google’s pay-per-click business model.

Partnered And Prepping

I have created my Google Partners account. Now I must pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam, in addition to one from several other exams listed here to receive my AdWords Certification. The Search Advertising exam is the most comprehensive training of how Google Search Advertising works. The study review guide for the AdWords Fundamentals exam is 17 pages. The review guide for the Search Advertising exam is 54 pages.

In addition to the study guides, I printed off every page available on both topics. Overkill? Maybe, but it’s more than just passing the test for me. I want to know this material inside-out. Left-to-right. Top-to-bottom. Front-to-back. Subconsciously. I am affectionately calling it my “Google Bible.” The two study guides are in the top binder:


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

According to this training material, ad ranking is partially determined by Google Ad Quality. “How would I judge the quality of my Google ad?” I thought. I began typing in my Google search bar: google ad qua…autocomplete finished it off: google quality ad rater. I can’t believe what I am seeing. WAH jobs links by the dozens!

Yes, I backed my way in to finding WAH positions. Kind of my life story. I plan to create a page with links to some of the best ones I find, and posts highlighting the pros and cons of each, so please check back often!

Passing The Torch

How did I miss finding these jobs before? Mostly because searching for the broad term brings up hiring agencies and scams. I won’t complain. I hope this provides somebody with a shortcut to jump-starting their career in WAH positions, content creation, or digital marketing.

Hopefully my next post on this topic will feature my AdWords Certification.

I’d really love to hear some comments on your WAH experiences.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this part of your day.

Wish me luck!