How I Almost Missed Making Movie-Making History


Uncredited Is Just A State Of Mind

For 14 arduous years-which may have as well been 40-I was uncredited on ‘Urban Ground Squirrels: The Movie.’ The movie is produced loosely in the vein of American Pie. Everyone has high hopes for this movie’s release, and hopes of just getting our collective “feet-in-the-doors,” way back in 2001. Nobody expects Oscars or Grammys.

The film is avoided by its respective awards committees like the bubonic plague.

The Prime Of My Life

It’s avoided because, ironically enough, it’s never released. This never troubles me, however. It’s not the first, nor the last time I would peer in from just beyond the periphery of my dreams. You know the dreams-that which seems to be well within your grasp repels the very act, conjoined in nuanced subtlety and exaggeration, of your reaching for it.

“I’m in the prime of my life!” I remember thinking, having legitimate film post-production experience in a rapidly-expanding field-visual effects, under my belt.

Fast Forward To The Recent Past

Fast forward through formal college years studying digital animation, 9/11, odd jobs, vehicular manslaughter of my grandparents, an attempt at real estate-during the height of the housing bubble-authoring dozens of script ideas, business plans and proposals-failing proprietorships-multiple band departures, surviving the worst tornado in history-and some good times-including receiving my bachelor’s degree in 2012:

My fim-making experience has not landed me another single position in cinema.

The Ever-Changing Landscape

Admittedly, I just haven’t tried: I have no proof. I’ve been out of the industry too long. I’m a dinosaur. All I have is my spotty demo “reel,” which is little more than my vault of sacred animated clips.

So much for a positive state of mind.

I digress. The landscape has never been more in my favor. With the continued explosion of YouTube, home studios…and self-promotion, I continue dreaming of a position.

Still Dreaming Of The Possibilities

A few months ago, I discover the movie has made its way to IMDB. Unbound with excitement, I feverishly submit my info as a crew member and press IMDB to verify it. Exhausted and spent from the adrenaline rush, I leave it at that-an uncredited position on an unreleased movie.

However, I continue to list it as professional experience. “Somebody will take interest,” I tell myself. “Making the most magical parts in a movie is a specialized skill,” even if my self-proclaimed “skill” is just a brash blurb buried in the hot mess which is my resume.

I, myself, am now taking interest. Why?

The Magic Of Believing In Magic

Yesterday, while updating my resume, something urges me to check my filmography credentials for (now say this part in the announcer’s voice at the Academy Awards Ceremony) …

“Visual Effects – Urban Ground Squirrels: The Movie”

…on IMDB-one last time. Can you believe it?

I am officially credited in the history of movie-making and “to all the rights and benefits granted herein.”

I’m ready for my close-up…


It’s nothing, really. Except considering the fact when I need “relevant, credible content” for my “blastomere-ious” blog, here is this rabbit, launching itself from within this hat, which was all but invisible not more than a mindset ago.

I would gladly consider any offer to work on another film, as long as the title is: ‘How I Almost Missed Making Movie-Making History.’


Eric is a Multimedia Producer in Orlando, FL, and maintains several blogs.


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