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Now Some Good News

Update on Sharanda Jones

This news is a few months old but I received an email update from Change.org about the progress of Sharanda Jones, and I think it’s worth sharing.

I, too, was convicted for a non-violent drug offense when I was a teenager. But my being a white kid in a small Midwest town, and having access to a good lawyer helped me. Yes, white privilege. It’s a real thing. I cringe at the thought of spending my life in prison for what is increasingly agreed to be a neurological-not criminal-issue.

What Is Next For Drug Law Reform?

I give President Obama some credit, but it shouldn’t take a petition-which I eagerly signed in good faith-to do what’s right. He should take this cue to reform America’s drug laws. Now. As a new blogger, I am considering drug law reform advocacy as an aspect of my blog.

I guess it just became just that.

What Am I Asking You To Do?

I am asking you directly to help Sharanda start a new life. Take five minutes now while it is fresh in your mind, or at least share her story. I don’t have anything invested in her other than I am grateful I am not in her shoes. There is no guarantee she won’t go back to prison-too many who are institutionalized can’t cope with “life on the outside”-although the rates are lower for women like Sharanda.

Please leave any comment on your opinion of this matter. This affects you either way.


WordPress Content Options

My opinion of WordPress Content Options

Being a new blogger, I find myself experimenting too long with too many options. I prefer the minimalist approach myself. This definitely catches my eye, but I get my best ideas by simply visiting other blogs.

Have good advice or thoughts about Content Options? Please leave me a comment. Thanks! ~ Eric

Content Options takes care of small visual changes like showing or hiding the author, date, and more!

via Introducing Content Options: An Easy New Way to Make Visual Changes to Your Site — WordPress.com News

Blogs You Should Follow

Best Blogging Advice Yet

Good day all! I want to quickly share and comment about a great blog I just came across. She offers stellar advice and experience in an easy-to-read format. I’m sure even veteran bloggers can glean a tip or two from her wisdom.

Honored To Know This Girl Named Alexis

As a new blogger myself, I’m honored to have her in my network. Expect me to share much more from her in the future. Right now I need to get back to reading some posts of hers that caught my eye!

Thank you Alexis!

10 Tips for New Bloggers – http://wp.me/p6u7QD-3qu

3 free and incredibly useful Gmail plugins to increase your email productivity

Thank you Esther Nyaadie for the original post that follows my review.

I just discovered Rapportive today. It works fine as an add-on to Chrome, but I had trouble with Firefox. I have not tried Safari. Evidently some contacts have privacy settings that will not allow retrieval of public profiles, and a notice to sign in to Gmail is redundantly displayed. It’s a really great tool to aid you in reverse email lookup, verifying contact info, and connecting instantly on LinkedIn.

There’s also an Email Permutator that allows you to narrow down the possibilities of a person’s email based on their name. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than scouring Google, LinkedIn, etc. You have to make a copy of the Google doc at the link before you can input a name, but it’s mostly self-explanatory from there. Copy all the names into the To: section of your email, hover over each address, and Rapportive will pull up info on any combination that is a match.

Here is a link with a detailed video: http://booleanblackbelt.com/2013/01/how-to-use-gmail-to-find-almost-anyones-email-address/

In the article above, Twitter accounts, etc. also show up in the contact info pane but I have not seen it for myself yet.

Possibly as a result of the articles and videos online being outdated; they show the Gmail compose window docked to the main window. You can use the new compose window, you just have to move it so you can see the contact info pane on the right side of Gmail.

I have heard of Boomerang and Gmail offline but haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

Read more at Esther’s blog:

Digital Nuggets with Esther Nyaadie-Social Media 🎯Strategist ✍️Writer ⛹🏾Trainer 🎤Speaker

Email is alive and kicking. It remains resolute in spite of the upheavals which have taken place over the years on the internet. Email continues to be the most professional means of touching base.

Gmail, with the backing of Google, is one of the most popular email services.  It is highly probable that you are one of 500 million plus users of Gmail. Are you making the most of your email account? For many of us, our inboxes are busting at the seams! Others find responding to email too time-consuming. There is good news.  There are several tools available that make your email management more productive. In this week’s article, we look at three such tools that can help improve our daily email workflow.

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Event Scenic Productions

Eric Hutchison, Technical Specialist


Right now this blog is less gypsy freelance and wandering caravans, and more about loading content. If I have a good story I will share it.

Corporate Event Scenic Gig
Hilton Inn – Orlando, FL

A good sized show; the panoramic image came out decent so I may as well use it. As a Lead Scenic Installer at SGA Productions in Orlando, I assisted in the fabrication and installation of the following elements or the show:

  • “wrapped” geometric video maps
  • 20′ vinyl banners
  • geometric MDF stage
  • ALTO seating risers
  • stadium seating
  • pipe and drape
  • custom skirting

We hung dozens more banners and foamboard graphics around the entire ballroom, and in the grand foyer for several additional vendors. The entire seating area was aesthetically wrapped in Spandex to hide the seating structure and Duvetyne for light-blocking.


hilton beforePhoto: Eric Hutchison


IMG_4132Photo: Eric Hutchison

Skills used:

  1. Carpentry
  2. Fabrication
  3. Scenic Installation
  4. Truck driving
Equipment & tools used:

  1. Scissor lift
  2. Manual hand tools
  3. Power hand tools
  4. Dock lift
  5. 26′ Truck