I am an aspiring author. I have been in event, music, video, and film production my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, I can write, I just don’t. My father, on the other hand, is an award-winning writer and published author. I am realizing my potential to follow in his footsteps. My journey begins here…in the blogosphere.

My blog is admittedly a work in progress. A general outline of thoughts and experimentation of formats. A hot mess to be honest. I’ve got a few feature ideas that may catch on eventually, but for now I’m enjoying learning and growing. It’s good practice. My father doesn’t blog, so I’m setting up this page as a way for me to create something specific while helping him market his work.

When my father writes under the name Ron Hutchison, the product is anything from cautionary tales to romantic satire. His collection under the name Christopher Cloud is targeted at middle school aged readers. The underlying theme in all of his writings is adventure. His compelling stories are filled with larger-than-life characters and lush literary landscapes that keep pages turning and seat edges worn. And that’s not just me talking. Visit his author pages at Amazon and read the reviews for yourself.

Ron’s books at Amazon are available in any format for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Christopher’s first book, a $.99 Kindle download, is the anchor of a three-part series and won First Place in the fall-2012 NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for Juvenile Fiction. The second edition is currently in the proofing phase at Austin MaCauley Publishers Ltd.

I have set up a blog devoted to the first four chapters of Ron’s first published novel here.

Literary works by Ron Hutchison:

  • Santa Fe Crazy
  • Latitude 38
  • Voices of the Locusts
  • Dallas by 3 1/2

Literary works by Christopher Cloud:

  • Andy Sweet and the $20 Gold Piece (previously title ‘A Boy Called Duct Tape’)
  • Andy Sweet and the Ghosts of Petroglyph Canyon
  • Andy Sweet and the Runaway Airship