HootSuite For SMS Messaging

I love productivity apps, as long as the learning curve doesn’t make me unproductive.

Quit Fumbling For Keys & Say “Good Buy” To Auto Correct

I came across this handy Chrome extension. It’s like HootSuite for SMS. Maybe even better-I’m not real fond of the HootSuite mobile app-kinda limited in my view.

Of course there’s a free version and a Pro upgrade. If you’re like me, voice-t0-text doesn’t solve the problem of fumbling for the right keys. And auto correct is just diabolical sometimes.

It may not be much different than any notification app (remember Outlook?) but simply sync your phone to your PC and wah-la!

No More To-Do Lists For Your To-Do Lists

I see this helping me stay productive by sending myself to-d0 lists, random thoughts, etc. that I can check later when I’m not around my PC. By the same token, I can text myself reminders when I log on to my PC.

You can also monitor your phone’s battery level from your PC, text PC screenshots, scheduling, but the coolest feature I’ve seen so far is the power view, where you can view multiple text streams at once.

Just like HootSuite.




Author: erichutchison

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