The Beginning of a Beautifully Small Life

Wanna follow a truly gutsy, inspired adventure blog? Life Rustic. Why do I wanna pronounce it Roostic? This here postin’ ‘splains it-all!

Life Rustic


Hello friends, family, campers and glampers. Welcome to the biggest adventure of our lives! What does this adventure entail, you ask? Well, it begins with a cheap, tiny, and most likely mildewy travel camper, and eventually ends with a cozy little cabin homestead in the mountains. In the meantime, I want to document the ups, downs, celebrations, and nervous breakdowns that will undoubtedly accompany this endeavor. I hope to share this journey with humor and gratitude, and maybe even some unseen inspiration along the way.

Speaking of inspiration, what inspired us to take this nontraditional route into official adulthood? Being cheapskates! Really… That’s how this journey started, at least. When a typical home in the area you dream of living in averages at around half a million dollars (here’s looking at you, Boulder), you pursue other creative ideas. Like into the wild, toilet is a luxury creative ideas. I call it hobo chic — not to…

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Author: erichutchison

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