Spoonfed is a new feature I’m testing out. It highlights excerpts of my father’s first published novel, a romantic satire called Santa Fe Crazy. The book is free on Kindle Unlimited. I have set up a separate blog-Spoonfed-devoted strictly to the first four chapters of the story. Warning: Adult dialog.

Here is the synopsis:

Howard Spoon is fed up with his mundane life in Decatur, Illinois. He divorces his wife, sells his dental practice, then moves to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to marry a rich widow. Howard knows Santa Fe is overrun with rich widows because he read it in a magazine. With help from George Bad Toe, a full-time entrepreneur and part-time scam artist, Howard meets Charlie Malpin, a wealthy Santa Fe heiress. What Howard discovers about Charlie, and ultimately himself, throws his satirical world into a tailspin.

I’m currently developing a screenplay based on the novel.

Question: Should I keep the Spoonfed blog separate, or just make a page here on my blog?

I’d love to hear your comments!

Enjoy! ~ Eric



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