2015 Rolex 24 Highlights

Eric Hutchison, Technical Specialist

Daytona Beach, FL – We rolled into Daytona Speedway on a cold rainy morning to build and setup Porsche’s VIP reception area in the pit boxes for the 2015 Rolex 24. And yes, I’m just now posting about it-only because I ran across all the pics.

Four days later, my hometown friend-NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray-would hoist the 2015 Rolex 24 trophy along with his teammates. I was long gone by then, on the outside looking in. That’s Jamie in black. His first NASCAR win came in only his 2nd race-a day I’ll never forget-brought me to tears. He’s also won the Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, and the All-Star race. Pretty good company for a kid from Joplin, MO. Now, win the Cup already!


Photo credits: http://www.zimbio.com


This was my first gig alongside Czarnowski Events. Incredible company. I got the chance to visit their Atlanta, GA warehouse. Unbelievable in scope and functionality. This place must have been the size of 50 football fields! And it was immaculate. Everything had a label and was behind a clearly painted line. Guys with brooms weaved in and out of every nook and cranny imaginable in synchronized efficiency. My idea of a warehouse. Perfect. Here’s a quick shot of the graphic treatment on the pit box, and the facades we installed on the stair railings.

porschevipPhoto: Eric Hutchison

We were just starting to make progress when…

Team Lamborghini decided to begin practice. Not a distraction at all. I try not to get excited, but every one of us made a beeline for the pit boxes when we heard those engines fire.

lamborghiniPhoto: Eric Hutchison

It’s easy to break away for some 180 mph tri-oval pics when the boss likes racing, too.

DaytonaPhoto: Ring Miller

The car they brought for the reception is the hybrid AWD Spider 918. Check out the link. Scary power. The “demo” Porsche. They did some insane donuts right there in the parking lot with this baby-I swear it was pedal to the metal for a full five minutes. When I asked “how was that approved?” they said as “policy” the car would eventually get stripped down for parts and “taken out to pasture.” They weren’t going to sell it as-is, because they only sell brand new Porsches; they may as well tear it up while they can. Must be nice.

20150120_140109Photo: Eric Hutchison

I said I didn’t mind if it had 50,000 miles of burnouts-I’d take it off their hands. No deal. I’m guessing my offer of $100,000 was an insult.

On the outside, looking in. Again.


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